How many times in our life, we stop and ponder over the reason we live or want to live. The very purpose of getting up everyday, going through all the daily chorus, going out to study/work/or just wander around and returning back to sleep to get up next day again? What does come to our mind when someone asks - "How is life?". Why do most of the time we try to shrug off the question and answer in the most predictable way instead of gathering courage and asking the same question to ourselves. But whether we wish it or not, this question comes again and again to haunt and leave most of without any concrete answer.

One of my friends said "Right now my life is about waiting for each opportunity I get to go back to home and spend some time with my family". Some said "I’m waiting to finish my studies and get myself a decent job". Then there was another "I'm waiting to get married before I plan my next course of life". So is the life an endless wait, one after another, chasing something outside of our own, never trying to seek inside and finding what actually can make us happy with the time that is NOW. No, I don’t mean that one should not have dreams and desire to move forward in life. But is life all about getting a good education, a loving and caring spouse, a well paid job and above all recognition from the society. Is it not possible for anyone to live life for the purpose of enjoying every moment of it without tying our happiness with something not inherent in us?

What’s your take?