Anger, a potent force!!!

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It's about yesterday's evening...

My bike had a minor accident in recent past; though I wasn't the one riding it nor did even the pillion (caused me some bucks and lots of time).

Still wasn’t able to get the bike serviced and haven’t noticed the problems with it.

Anyway, though I get the fuel tank filled all the time, except when the servicing is overdue. So few days back I poured around couple of liter in its big fat belly (that’s nothing if you consider its 18 liters capacity). In normal time, that’s enough to pull me for 100KMs. Or as I thought…

I was going to Airport road from Koramangla…peeked at the trip meter while crossing the petrol pump near Naveen terrace…It showed 70…

“Still can go at least 25kms…No problem, I’ll get it refueled at Airport road” (don’t trust all the PPs in Bangalore)

Moved ahead…crossed the signal before the Ring road…traffic was more than usual, seems there was a minor accident at the next turn (when the people will learn)…crossed the place of accident…A bike was hit by an Esteem, or vice versa, but no blood stains around…(my bike still have few)…

2kms into the Ring road at 100 and engine suddenly skipped a beat (my heart too, along with it). It can’t…It simply can’t happen…just 73kms in 2 liters!!!...and petrol pump is al least 4kms on either side (actually 4 in the forward).

As going back meant climbing a steep road, so decided to move (push) forward.

“OMG!!! I’ve to push through this rotten traffic…take a huge diversion near ISRO colony…a terrible turn near Shanti Sagar…then crawl through the slow traffic at the Airport road!!!”

On a normal day, I had to think n times, before walking that god-forbidden route and pushing a 100kg demon along “OMG again”. But all I was able to think was “WHY!!!”. “I don’t deserve this, for I am not the one who caused the accident”. And a feeling of pure red anger started inside. I wasn’t cursing, I wasn’t screaming, but every single cell of my body was burning beyond description. And probably that anger became my fuel, gave me power and strength that I didn’t even notice the stern perspiration pouring through my forehead down my neck.

I have had heard/read about incidents when some emotion induces such a huge amount of adrenaline, that a person gets strength much beyond his normal capacity. It was my first realization of this fact in person.

Anyway, got the tank refilled at BP PP in-front of Manipal hospital…


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