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Hi Everyone out there,

This first post by me is suppose to be an introduction of myself, so here I'm. This is Me!!! Finished my Post graduation in Computer Applications very recently. Currently working in an MNC software company in India’s IT capitol and enjoying my single life. As a believer in “Jeevet Sharad Shatam!”, I’ve just sailed through the quarter of the voyage of my days on this beautiful planet.

Pretty content with my life as it is, I love great food, great cloths and great everything. I like to go out long into unknown till the fuel tank start complaining, like to watch cool movies but not too much into it. And Oh! I’ve been labeled a “book worm”. I have a taste for most of good (and some bad) things of life, but never try to overdo anything.

And yes, though I have some very good friends to cherish lovely moments of life, yet I enjoy solitude as much. Even being more on the extrovert side, you’ll sometime find me very quiet, sitting for hours without a word, up to a level of boredom.

More will follow soon....


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