January 05, 2007

From a Marathi play

When you start a new job, you start with a raised paycheck,
When you start a new relation, you go back to your first stipend.


Puthali said...

hmm...kinda got the idea....
1st line is ob :)
by 2nd does the author mean, tht you start on a fresh slate? that it is somehow lesser than the old relations? 'm not sure...i dont think i got da 2nd line at all... :)

@di said...

Let me put some background :-)

The play is about a family of three generations. The grandfather, the father and the young son. And our SON is a Software Engineer :D.

One fine day, this fellow announce that he does not want to get married and is moving into a live-in relationship with one of his friend.

Hell broke loose but the wise grandfather insists that the son and his partner live with the family which they accept.

Slowly the girl develops a close bond with the family and every one want them to tie the knot. The girl has no objection.

But our guy has different ideas and is not ready to settle down so soon.

He argues a lot (he's not sure if he wants to spent rest of his life with this girl, want to have a look at other options while they are available).

The ever calm grandpa is furious and cursing our entire generations says that the we have started equating relationship with jobs (even jobs in his time used to be as sacred as relations).

And in an elaborated conversation he tries to enlighten our guy that how different these two are. These two lines are from that conv.

Interpretation is left to the audience.

(btw, the guy agrees to marry the girl in the end and they live happily ever after :D )